Four Ways to Celebrate the Female Figures in Your Life

There’s one common denominator that connects communities of all cultures. It’s not a tangible object or something you can buy from the store – but rather, a person. A mother.


Mother’s Day makes its way into May on the 8th this year. It’s a steady reminder to celebrate the women out there who are steadfast in their approach to be the glue that holds families, communities and societies together.


Need a way to say thank you to the female in your life who acts as your hero? Read on!


Bake a sweet treat: There’s nothing better than sending your appreciation through taste buds. Consider baking your mom’s favorite cookies or surprising her with a cake – from scratch! You could even whip up her favorite meal in addition. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to win over both her heart and her stomach. Don’t forget to clean up the mess afterward. In fact, keep cleaning while you’re at it and make it two gifts in one.


Send a note: A handwritten greeting is something your mom will cherish forever. What’s more? Writing it on a handmade card, too. You don’t have to get crazy with it. Notebook or computer paper will suffice. 


Make a gift: Did the handmade card spark your interest in crafting something more creative? We thought so! Try beading her earrings in her favorite color or even quilting! There’s many ideas on both sides of the creative spectrum – and even some in between.


Spend quality time: The best gift of all! Spending time with your loved one is a sure way to show them you care. What’s your mom’s favorite afternoon activity? Or something she enjoys doing on the weekends? It could be dancing, hiking, or simply telling stories. Whatever it is, be there with her and invest in her memories. She will always cherish time spent with those she adores.


Please remember that a “mom” can come in many forms. Any woman in your world who acts as a guardian of your soul can and should be celebrated. It can be an aunt, grandma, family member or family friend. 


Make this day special for any of the motherly figures who helped shape the person you are today.