Giving Tuesday: How Every Act of Kindness Counts

In the midst of the busy holiday season lies Giving Tuesday on November 30th. It’s a day that gives us the opportunity to reflect on the power of generosity and that every act of kindness counts! Consider taking this time to be part of the global movement that celebrates all acts of giving.


In Native American culture, giving is not only understood to be reciprocal — but also an honor! The circle of giving reflects the spiritual belief of interconnectedness and serves to strengthen existing relationships and develop new ones at the same time.


There are many reasons why people choose to participate in Giving Tuesday. Some enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes with helping others in your community, or helping your community in general, while others enjoy the “domino effect” — that your contribution might inspire others to give, too.


Whatever the reason may be, there are multiple ways one can contribute to the event. A few ideas include:


  • Donate to community organizations: Your local wellness center, senior living community, food pantry or even schools typically host fundraisers throughout the year. Be proactive and donate some funds today! 
  • Volunteer your time: Those wellness centers or food pantries we just mentioned? Consider supporting their efforts for a few hours this week by assisting them with an event or project. 
  • Reach out to a neighbor: Whether it’s someone across the street, an elder in your community or a veteran, we all know a person — or people! — who might need an extra hand around the house or groceries picked up. 
  • Post a message of hope: Social media can get clouded with negative posts. Take the day to bring something uplifting to others! It could include something you’re thankful for, appreciative of or looking forward to. We have the “thumbs up” reaction for a reason! Let’s give people an excuse to use it.


No matter how you contribute to Giving Tuesday, the best thing you can keep in mind is offering kindness. Even a simple smile to a stranger may be all it takes to turn a day around.