How to Get the Word Out About Your Vaccine Rollout

Three COVID-19 vaccines received FDA approval. While it was a huge challenge for the pharmaceutical giants to produce those vaccines quickly, an even bigger challenge may be distributing the vaccine to the public.


There’s a national plan to get people vaccinated. However, that plan may not take your community’s specific needs into account. That job is up to you.

Communication is Key

The federal government has identified effective communication as the most important pre-planning activity for I/T/U facilities. One practical step in that direction is keeping your website up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccine and a culturally-appropriate education campaign.


You can use social media such as Facebook and Twitter, however, that could mean only a small percentage of your followers actually see your message.

The Right Tool for the Job

That’s where Native Reach can help.


Native Reach is the only health communications app specifically targeted to the Native American and Alaska Native populations. The app is fully customizable with your brand and voice, and it allows you to reach your community in real time. Native Reach can send out push notifications, provide helpful articles & videos, and even host an events calendar.


If you’d like to discuss further how Native Reach can play a vital role in your organization’s vaccine rollout plan, call 888.571.5967 or email